3D Tag Cloud

3D Tag Cloud allows you to display your site’s tags using jquery that rotates the tags in 3D.

It works just like a regular tags cloud, but is more visually exciting. Clicking the tags will take you to the appropriate page. Might not work with less than IE9.

New Configuration options been added to the admin panel. Now the site admin can configure the following options.

  1. Title of the Tag Cloud.
  2. Number of tags to be displayed.
  3. Height and Width of the widget.
  4. Background Color.
  5. Text Color.
  6. Font.
  7. Font maximum size.
  8. Font minimum size.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please post it in the following link.


Translation is enabled for this plugin. If someone interested in translating this plugin please visit the following link and post in the comments section with your contact email. Thanks.

To download the plugin visit: http://wordpress.org/plugins/cardoza-3d-tag-cloud/

Translated languages

  • French
  • German (Translated by Simon Lang)
  • Portuguese – Brazilian (Translated by Valdir Trombini).
  • Slovak (Translated by Branco Radenovich)
  • Spanish

If you are interested in translating this plugin, please send the translation to contact@vinojcardoza.com

I have been developing websites & web applications since 2004 and currently working in London as full-stack Senior Web Developer. I utilize and advocate in the layout, design and coding of websites specifically in PHP format. Experienced in developing applications and solutions for a wide range of corporate, charity and public sector clients and having the enthusiasm and ambition to complete projects to the highest standard. My ulitmate focus is on server side programming, release process, automation, and standards based web site & applications especially on Zend Framework. I also have a keen interest in developing Wordpress plugins and contributing to open source projects.

49 thoughts on “3D Tag Cloud

  1. Reca

    Dear Vinoj –

    I was very disappointed that you have ignored my question.
    My question was definitely no joke, and I know that there are some other users, seeking for an answer throughout the net.
    I hoped you may have a good tip to manage this problem.
    If not, or if too complicated, I’d really appreciate a short answer to my question.
    With kind regards –

  2. Reca

    Hello –
    I’ve found your Tag Cloud Widget in the WP-directory and like it very much.
    But I have a problem: As I only have 3 Magazine-Pages (and no single Posts), I don’t need the tags to be links.
    To me it would be great when only the words (without a link-function) will be shown.
    I would like to use a Tag cloud to add some visual interest, highlight some keywords and support my SEO (as somebody told me, a tag cloud can be helpful for SEO).
    Is there a way to eliminate the link functionality ???

    I would be thankful for your help and an answer.
    With kind regards

    1. Vinoj Cardoza

      Hi Reca,
      The tag purpose is to enable the user to see the related content for that tags. So the tags should have a link. Eliminating the links from the tags can be done by altering the code, but still when you update the plugin, your code will be gone.
      Thanks, Vinoj

  3. Aleksi

    Hi Vinoj,

    Thank you so much for a next generation word cloud. The plugin is awesome. Would it be possible to set the font weight in the future versions? That would be cool. Thank you for your great plugin.

  4. Abdullah

    Thank you for all your hard work with this plugin; I think it is great. That being said, I am having a couple of issues with version 3.0:

    1. The tag cloug includes deleted tags in the presentation. Is there any way they could be excluded?

    2. Clicking on a tag in the tag clouds takes users to a blank page instead of showing a list of posts with that tag.

    3. I feel the need for a way to *exclude* certain tags from the 3d tag cloud selection pool, like private or NSFW flagged items. Is there a method to do this?

    My site is http://www.renaissancemusings.com. Please feel free to inspect it. I appreciate your help!

    1. Vinoj Cardoza

      Hi Abdullah,

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. This need to be still developed. I will look into this.
      2. This issue is sorted now on latest Version 3.2 onwards
      3. This also a good option to be included into this plugin. I will look into this.

      Thanks, Vinoj

      1. Abdullah

        Thanks so much for your help. The cloud is working again, but it is no longer cycling through different tags any more, and always has the most common/top rated tags. That’s not realistic. Also, some of the tags are very small in font. Also, it doesn’t move around in response to swiping on smartphones/tablets. Great work so far! With more determined tag placement (cognitive, semantic, co-occuring tags on single posts) nearness placement, instead of fixed points on a sphere and it will be even better at conveying comprehension…

  5. Mia

    Hi Vinoj, thanks for this stunning plugin, but I still had a problems. Would you like to explain how to configure this plugin on wordpress 3.8.1? I had no clue about. Thanks πŸ™‚

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